Birdbath Range

Kestrel forging offers a range of birdbaths to suit your garden

From a small contemporary urban space to a larger rural setting, Kestrel Forging has birdbaths to attract birds to your garden. They have a variety of bowls: some shallow enough to encourage small birds to drink and bathe, while others are deeper and suit larger birds, which can perch and bathe comfortably. 

Wave birdbath

Unique design in Corten steel. Complete with ceramic bowl.
960mm (h) x 600 (d) x 300 (w)
Price: $500

Holey birdbath

The 'holey' birdbath, architectural simplicity and elegance in Corten steel. Complete with deep ceramic bowl
975 (l) x 875 (h)
Price: $950

Deco birdbath

Art-deco period inspired birdbath stand, black metal, complete with deep mirror finish glazed bowl
900 (h) x 300 (w) Depth varies according to size of Monaro granite base
Price: $520

Three legged traditional birdbath

Simple, rustic style in steel, complete with ceramic bowl
900 (h) x 475 (w)
Price: $210
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